I am Jan (he/him).

I do Developer Relations, and I'd love to shape, structure (and potentially lead) DevRel for your awesome company. You can hire me. This is what I am best at:

  • Building programs for creating and maintaining a relationship with developers
  • Advocating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Leading teams empathically by servant leadership principles
  • Learning. I'm always learning.
  • Growing my and others mindsets

I'm currently working in DevRel at Microsoft, as I did for the last decade. Now I'm open for a change.

Contact me to see if we are a fit!

More about being a T1D Cyborg

I have Type 1 Diabetes, and I am using an artificial pancreas called a loop. I refer to myself as a Type 1 Diabetes cyborg, or a T1D cyborg, as I replaced a dysfunctional organ (my pancreas) through a technical device. Ask me all about it, I'm happy to explain every detail of it. I am already doing so on Twitter a lot.